Lingard Finds Redemption!

Jesse Lingard has proven that your worth should not be measured or determined by other people’s opinions.

Lingard Silences Critics With A Brace Against Aston Villa

Opinions matter but most times most opinions should be dropped in a trashcan, especially when you know its not a true representation of your person or situation.

Most times, most people’s opinion don’t mean shit – including mine.

West Ham Rides On Lingard’s Back Against Aston Villa

Going through the tough past few months with all the difficulties that could weigh any young man down to a depression level of no return, Jesse has risen above all the ashes and human dung to prove almost everyone wrong, especially Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Without a single match to his belt this season at Manchester United and starting his first match of the season with a real man-manager who understood his abilities and skills from their interaction during his short stint at Old Trafford, Jesse repaid Moyes’ faith in him in a 100-folds with two solid goals to seal West Ham’s fifth position on the EPL table.

Its funny to think that a player who has not played a single match this season could score two goals against EPL’s current second best keeper who had the 2nd best clean sheet record in the EPL this season before the match.

Martinez has been thought to be the driving force behind Villa’s sudden progression this season since his move from Arsenal, as he kept 10 clean sheets out of his past 20 EPL Games this season. And that theory could be true because the day he gets beaten 3 times in 1 match, really made Villa look toothless. 

How funny he got beaten twice by the season’s rookie. I bet every other player in the EPL had played at least one match more than Lingard before yesterday’s game.

The joke is not on Martinez before we digress but actually on Solskjaer who has spent over £250m improving his squad in the past 2years and still complains of not having a formidable squad…especially his frontline. 

Lingard And Moyes – Father And Son

He willingly benched Lingard for a whole season without offering him a single chance even in the EFL Cup games and shipped him off as a waste product to West Ham.

The same WestHam took ManU’s rusty waste product and game him a start in a high profile do-or-die EPL game in his favorite wing position and see what the out come was?

Two solid goals against EPL’s current 2nd best keeper.

I hope the Glazers are watching how Solskjaer continues to waste their funds and resources by chasing shadows when what he seeks in Planet Mars is available in a Mars chocolate bar.

Lingard Sings Bob Marley’s Redemption Song

Lingard needs to grab this opportunity and squeeze them like a titties-starved baby to get the best out of himself and continue to prove Solskjaer wrong till end of the season so that he can remain at West Ham or move to a bigger club where he can nail a first-team shirt and kickstart his career without any attachment to Manchester United. 

Top teams will pay top dollar for him at the end of this season if he continues at this pace.

Congrats Lingard, as your happy dancing days have returned!

You can learn more about the struggles Lingard has had to overcome in the past 12months+ here


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