Brentford FC VS Manchester United

EPL 2022/ 2023 Watch our live action-packed FIFA22 simulation of the Brentford FC VS Manchester United match on HotBallerz TV Brentford FC VS Manchester United match on HotBallerz TV This is a match that both teams will definitely want to win and our simulation is expected to reveal just that in our live FIFA… Continue reading Brentford FC VS Manchester United


West Ham United vs. Manchester City

West Ham has played Manchester City three times in opening weekend matches and lost all three matches without scoring a single goal. Manchester City have not lost a match to West Ham in the past 13 matches played against both teams...


Liverpool Vs Manchester City

For today, our pendulum swings towards Liverpool as our simulation revealed that Liverpool cam out tops in today's battle. But our question is, what are the odds the game will end as simulated? Watch our simulation to take a stand.


Man City Wins The EPL!

Believe it or not - the 2020/ 2021 EPL season is over already! 2020/ 2021 EPL Season Eventual Champions. (Credit: Wall Street Journal) You do not give a hungry dog a bone - it will crush it and Manchester City is that hungry dog. After ending their 2019-2020 EPL season without the most coveted EPL… Continue reading Man City Wins The EPL!