Well, like you must have guessed already…this blog is basically my opinion about the happenings in the beautiful game of soccer.

I tend to always hold opinions about personalities and events in soccer and ironically, most of my opinions always enjoy public support or outcry. This blog aims to share my views with the public and my childhood friends from ‘I&C’ since we can no longer sit ‘under that tree’ to argue our thoughts about this beautiful game.

This medium is solely my idea to evangelize my thoughts…hence, no compensation of any sort is sought from individuals or organizations to promote any agenda. The ‘ads’you might see on this blog are WordPress.com’s since I have chosen its free platform as my means of soccer evangelism.

Everyone is invited to share contents of this blog across the social and traditional media landscapes since all contents were created by me. But there is one clause…appropriate credit must be given to me ALWAYS even if my views might seem ‘otherwise’ to your own audience.

Being a friendly guy, I unfortunately expect everyone to be friendly to everyone they might meet on this blog. So that simply means, no sort of human, sexual or racist abuse will be tolerated in form of comments or whatsoever as regularly editing will be done before individual opinions are posted for public consumption. And if your hobby is spreading spam, please be warned in advance that you will be messing with the wrong guy and wrong blog.

Images and music (if used) on this blog will always enjoy appropriate credit from my sources and if you find there is no credit given to any source, its most likely its from my personal collection since I love photography and music.

If you plan to contact me, please do via the ‘Contact Me’ page. However, please note that your name and email address are collected only for reference sake since I might need to respond to your concerns. Your information (name and email address) will not be shared with anyone even if I was offered a chance to become FIFA’s president.

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Since change is the only constant thing in life, kindly visit this page to ensure our ‘rules of engagement’ have not changed…especially if you plan make use of any contents from this blog or contact me.

This blog’s policies were lasted updated on June 13, 2016.