Mourinho Needs Help!

Jose Mourinho has never looked older and more stressed than he is right now at Tottenham.

Mourinho Needs A Hug

Losing 5 games out of his past 6 games is a record that has never been associated with the Almighty Mourinho, once known as the ‘Special One’.

Losing top flight matches to the likes of ‘Tuchel’ and ‘Potter’ of Brighton are not scenes he would have dreamt of even in his worst nightmares but unfortunately, that is the current reality.

Mourinho must have thought that Tottenham was a good place for him to refresh his career with a real challenge but he forgot that to checkout Tottenham’s history of competitiveness against his.

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The Man On Fire

Daniel Levy is known to be one of the shrewdest businessmen in football and that is what has brought the club this far. He does not like to spend to improve his squad if he can but seeks quality players on the bargain and he hardly ever has a top quality backup for all his star players. His modus-operandi is what frustrated Pochettino out of White Hart Lane in 2019.

Mourinho on the other hand is known to be very competitive and was once known as the ‘spoilt boy’ of football management (before Guardiola joined Man-City) because he always managed elite football clubs that could fund his football philosophies to the teeth without worries. From Chelsea to Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United – the cash to buy his choice players was always available at those places.

At White Hart Lane, Mourinho is now dependent on free transfers and available loan materials. These are not his first-choice world-class materials like he is used to.

Mourinho’s Competition Though Not All Are On His Level

As much has he wants to create a new name for himself amongst the new age of football managers in the EPL currently (like he did at FC Porto then), Mourinho needs to understand that such a feat cannot be achieved at Tottenham because he is mostly like to go into football management oblivion than achieve his redemption goals.

Though this is his first season at White Hart Lane, I do not seem him recording any significant progress with Tottenham even in his future third season (if he stays that long) as the EPL is the most competitive football league in the world now with all the best managers plying their trade there with teams that can fund their individual playing philosophies.

Mourinho Counting His Woes

It is better Mourinho leaves Spurs with his head high after his 2nd season even if he does well than remain if he does not record any progress or else he will be tagged as another ‘Rafael Benitez’ who is washed and done with football management.

If Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal or any German or Italian team come calling anytime soon, he better jump on that proposed offer with both hands than waste his time with the Spurs.

If he thinks this article is trash, let him ask Mauricio Pochettino for his thoughts about the club’s potentials.

The Mourinho We Know

Do not get me wrong, Mourinho is not finished nor lost it – he is just trying to wake a corpse that prefers being a corpse. You cannot force a team to dream big if average dreams are even too advanced for them.

Tottenham are perennial under-achievers that will always remain in the mix just to be counted amongst England’s top teams but are not going all-out to win the laurels that top teams crave for or else how do you explain Pochettino’s efforts not being rewarded with the right kind of players after achieving the impossible with nothing at the team for five seasons?

I am very definite that Jose Mourinho can’t wait for his ongoing day-nightmare at White Hart Lane to end anytime soon.


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