Liverpool Vs Manchester City

FA Community Shield action continues.

The rivalry between England’s two biggest clubs (form and trophy-wise) began way back in the 2010s when both clubs began to rise to the occasion to give Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal a run for their money in the English Premier League (EPL).

Since then, both team have taken over the undisputed leadership roles in the EPL and that rivalry has been more fierce in the past three seasons when both have competed fearlessly for the same trophies except for the UCL where Liverpool has triumphed over their Manchester rivals.

Liverpool VS Manchester City. Source: HotBallerz TV

The rivalry is now so obvious as both won the most coveted trophies in the EPL last season. The Citizens won the EPL, while Liverpool grabbed the FA Cup, hence today’s event.

The question now is , who will win today’s match and who will equally come tops at the end of the season?

For today, our pendulum swings towards Liverpool as our simulation revealed that Liverpool cam out tops in today’s battle. But our question is, what are the odds the game will end as simulated?

Watch our simulation to take a stand.

May the best team win as the rivalry continues!


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