Mourinho Needs Help!

Losing 5 games out of his past 6 games is a record that has never been associated with Almighty Mourinho, once known as the 'Special One'.


Big Bouncing Balls!

Arsenal FC has lost more games than Manchester City, Liverpool FC and Manchester United combined this season. Willian, who arrived from Chelsea on a free transfer in Sept has played a total of 23 games and scored 0 goals with 3 assists so far. So much for a free agent on a £192k weekly salary.… Continue reading Big Bouncing Balls!


Jose Mourinho: Old Trafford’s new sheriff

The "Special One": Jose Mourinho has been unveiled as the new Manchester United FC boss. The appointment is no news to the soccer community as rumors of his imminent appointment at the end of the 2015/ 2016 season has been flying around since his Chelsea sack in the first quarter of 2016 and also when Louis… Continue reading Jose Mourinho: Old Trafford’s new sheriff