Crystal Palace VS Arsenal

The EPL Returns – The Ballerz Return!

Arsenal start the season with five new ballerz and 26 goals scored during the pre-season.

Arsenal’s pre-season goals-scoring form will need to be replicated convincingly in this match to even the 3-0 knockout Crystal Palace stuffed down Arsenal’s throat in April and the Eagles have lost just one of their last eight matches with Arsenal.

Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace: Watch LIVE simulation at kickoff time on HotBallerz TV #hotballerztv

The Eagles hope to win consecutive league game against the Gunners for the first time after a 3-0 home victory in April, should they win this match.

It is definitely a match both teams will want to win and our simulation is expected to reveal just that in our live FIFA 2022 / PS5 broadcast later today.

Watch our LIVE simulation of the Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal match at 3pm (EST) today for free on HotBallerz TV #hotballerztv.

Press the “Play” button on the video to see and click on the “Notify me” so that you do not miss the live action. You can still visit HotBallerz TV on YouTube to watch the recorded version anytime.


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