Messi and Ronaldo – A Day To Forget!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi will look over this weekend and wish it turned out better for them.

Both stars are have been known for leading their teams to glory in the past decade singlehandedly or by influencing games with their presence.

However, this weekend was totally different and possibly the worst weekend the pair ever experienced simultaneous ly and ironically at about the same time too.

Messi received his first career red card in the Supa Cup final against a giant-crushing Athletic Bilboa. Hid debut red card was issued towards the end of a high-tension Cup final game that FC Barcelona lost to Athletic Bilbao. Thereby adding insult to injury.

To make matters worse for Messi, Barcelona is currently 3rd on the the La liga table with 34pts and 18 matches played – 7pts behind league leaders Atletico Madrid with 16 matches played. Barcelona’s fierce rival (Real Madrid) sits above Barcelona on the table with 37pts and 18 matches played. Barcelona is currently being trailed by a roaring Villareal which has 32pts with 18 matches played too.

2020/ 2021 Spanish La Liga Table as at January 18, 2021. Credit:

CR7’s dilemma seems slightly better since he did not earn a red card in yesterday’s game. However, his team (Juventus) lost woefully to league rivals Inter Milan who currently sit 2nd on the Serie A table with 40pts and 18 matches played – same points as league leaders AC Milan who still have a game in hand. Juventus is currently 5th on the Serie A table with 17 games played.

2020/ 2021 Italian Serie A Table as at January 18, 2021. Credit:

Both defeats must have brought both superstars back to planet earth and helped them understand that its time to start planning for retirement as there comes a time when your influence continues to diminish.

The season is not yet lost for both stars as the UEFA Champions League and their respective leagues are still open for grabs. However, the events of the past weekend will alert them and their employers that plans need to be set in motion to have succession plans in place for both fading stars.

No matter what happens at the end of this season, both stars will always be great and will continue to be adored by all football lovers across the globe.


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