Manchester United: Cliff-Hanging To The Top

The pre-match hype of the Manchester United FC Vs Liverpool FC clash of today was louder than ever.

Its easy to understand why the hype was loud. Manchester United FC was at the top of the table with 36pts for the 1st time in a long time while the current title holders (Liverpool FC) were just 3 points behind at third place on the table after both had played 17 games each.

The game was not impressive for two fierce rivals who want to win the title this season and that’s majorly because Man-Utd did not play like they really wanted the title or maybe we can just say Solskjær is tactically not good enough to achieve that great feat for United.

In the first half, Man-U had 7 offside calls due to Liverpool’s highline defence and picked up the pace in the 2nd round with Pogba and Rashford initiating the attacks that almost put them ahead. Bruno Fernandes pulled as many strings as possible but the Liverpool team was resolute in keeping Manchester United at bay.

Liverpool FC went all out with Thiago and Salah putting the United defence under intense pressure especially in the second half. Sane and Firmino’s performances today were not significant which was surprising for Sane but normal for Firmino. Firmino is lucky he has the backing of Jurgen Klopp.

Allison Becker and David De Gea both deserve to be men-of-the-match after making very important saves that kept the game even.

Manchester can celebrate that their away streak is still intact but that’s not worth celebrating if it does not transform into the EPL title at the end of the season. Not extending the gap between them and the other followers significantly today could be their undoing as this season is just about midway through.

Pogba tests Allison. Credit: MaboSports

With Machester City trailing behind at 32pts with 2 games in hand, Leicester City FC and Liverpool FC breathing down on United’s back with a 3pts difference between them and Manchester United, its only a matter of time before Manchester United gives up the lead before the end of the season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær does not seem like the Manager that will lead Manchester United back to EPL greatness. Manchester should forget their golden boy after this season and seek a tested tactician like Zinedine Zidane if they want to return to the summit of European football.


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