He’s a goner for sure!

Mesut Ozil: When he was a Gunner (Source: Getty Images)

No football player shares his stats nor on-field abilities.

He always was known for the miracle scoring opportunities he could create on the pitch with the ball at his feet and was also known for being the laziest player on the pitch.

Mesut Ozil, is a case of the gift and the curse!

Ozil a.k.a. “M10”, is a gifted attacking midfielder with the creativity of a fox and sight of an eagle when with the ball. Every team dies to have a playmaker like Ozil, especially if they have thoroughbred finishers who know how to put the ball behind the net at the slightest opportunity offered.

Ozil began his bright career in the German Bundesliga with Schalke 04 in 2005. From that moment, Ozil was destined for the stars as his phenomenal rise to stardom was on steroids. Between 2008 to 2013, he had already laced his boots for Werder Bremen and the almighty Real Madrid before joining Arsenal in the summer of 2013.

Young Ozil playing with the gods. (Source: Getty Images)

At Werder Bremen and Real Madrid, he continued to set records and smash records with his goals, assists and playmaking abilities that the whole world was impressed with him and he could do no wrong until his nemesis appeared.

Jose Mourinho was his nemesis.

Jose Mourinho (The Crafty One) is known to play intensive football tactics and strategies that require all his players to be mentally and physically fit for 100 minutes straight if required. Unfortunately for Ozil, Mourinho loved his assists but was not impressed by his work rate on the pitch when he was not with the ball or in tracking back to support the defence. Everyone knows Mourinho loves all players to fall back to a form a solid defensive line whenever his team loses the ball.

Cat and Dog till date. (Source: JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/GettyImages)

Even with his assist records, Mourinho was not impressed and shipped him out of the team immediately at the slightest opportunity to make way for Luka Modric. He was the highest assist leader in the La Liga for the three seasons he played at Real Madrid.

At Arsenal, he linked up with Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey, Oliver Giroud and other Arsenal stars to end Arsenal FC’s 9-year trophy drought in 2014.

His performance fitted Arsenal’s style of play and he had no issues with the team, Manager nor club faithfuls who adored him like a cute baby boy. His assist rates and goals continued at Arsenal and before long his contract was extended in 2018 with a bumper pay that shocked the world because the world and Arsenal fans thought that Alexis Sanchez deserved that pay instead if anyone at Arsenal was worth it, while Ozil deserved something decent as his performance was already dropping due to recurring injuries.

Arsenal fans thought Arsene Wenger was being too soft on Ozil when his form dropped and still played him ahead of fit team-mates who were more productive on the pitch than Ozil was.

Father & Son (Source: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Ozil’s fate got worse at Arsenal after he signed his new bumper contract of £350,000-per-week. Shortly after then, his god-father; Prof. Arsene Wenger left Arsenal and was replaced by overwhelmed Unai Emery in 2018.

Emery and Ozil never got on well as Emery thought Ozil was too lazy for the kind of strategies he wanted Arsenal to play and also felt Ozil’s monstrous wages was blocking his ability to buy new reliable faces into the team.

Ozil could not leave Arsenal because his form had dropped from lack of play time and loss of confidence in himself, plus his wages were a stumbling block for any interested team. The only teams that could pay that amount were not interested in him.

Mesut Ozil mesmerizes in a UCL match. (Source: Ballerz FCTV)

Emery left in 2019 and was replaced by Mikel Arteta.

Arteta tried to reintroduce Ozil into the team but it was obvious Ozil was no longer whom he was known to be or he had grown pompous and arrogant with his weekly wages. Unfortunately, he did not impress Mikel Arteta too so he just stayed at Arsenal to ensure his retirement plan was secured.

Its ironic because both Mikel Arteta and Mesut Ozil were both team mates at Arsenal FC before Arteta retired in 2016 to begin his football management career.

Mesut Ozil currently has about 6-months left till the end of his current Arsenal contract and NO TEAM is scrambling for his signature even though they know they can get him for free in the forthcoming summer transfer window.

That speaks volumes of how the entire footballing world views his ability and importance in modern day football.

The only team that has reached out to him is his childhood Turkish team; Fenerbahçe S.K. One can not blame Fenerbache for reaching out to him. Why not get a star almost for free, sell a crazy number of jerseys off his name as he still has cult followers and pay him what you can afford?

Its sad that Mesut Ozil chose money over his career when Arsenal was not working for him between 2017-2019 and that decision has now caused him his career though he is financially set for life. Its such a pity to see such a rare talent go to waste though one can agree that at 33 years of age, Ozil has reached the retirement age bracket of many footballers, though he seems like someone who still has a lot to offer fans of the beautiful leather ball game.

With all his personal laurels and team medals, Ozil finally leaves Arsenal to fulfill his lifelong ambition of playing for Fenerbache and that for sure will be the end to a glorious career that did not glitter as expected by the footballing world.

Should Ozil be worried about his future? (Source: James Williamson – AMA/Getty Images)

Wishing you the best as you sail without hinderance to the Turkish League. Hopefully, we will see you play again in one of Europe’s elite football leagues very soon if flukes permit.

Au re-voir Monsieur Mesut Ozil a.k.a. #M10.

You’re a goner!


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