Mourinho embarks on annual summer shopping spree!

Mourinho the Shopaholic

Jose Mourinho is currently the world’s best soccer coach – forget what happened @ Chelsea last season.

Mourinho as a coach, always guarantees his employers and fans at least one major trophy every season. It is not an easy feat to achieve as European soccer is now more competitive (except for the Bundesliga and maybe Ligue 1). To achieve his annual feats, Mourinho is known to always embark on annual summer shopping sprees where he buys the best of any position he requires to complete his “killer squad” teams.

Mourinho is always a ‘big boy’ when he goes shopping as money was never his problem if he wants it and the retailer (club) is willing to sell. Only the big retailers (big clubs) like Manchester United (his current employer), Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munchen always call his bluff even when he meets their asking price. An example is the case of Wayne Rooney in 2013; Mourinho went summer shopping then and had Wayne Rooney as his top target – unfortunately for him, Manchester United put him in his place then even though he was ready to pay ‘top dollar’.

Fast forward to today, he is currently the new Manchester United boss and he now has Wayne Rooney in his garage. But you can always trust Mourinho to go summer shopping because he always likes having an average of three super strikers at his beck and call, not to talk about his midfielders, defenders and of course goalkeepers. Before stepping out to begin his summer shopping this year he grabbed Eric Bailly for £30m, he already pre-ordered a delivery of the 500 Horse-power Ibrahimovic, recently got the all-blazing Henrikh Mkhitaryan and still has his greedy eyes on the £100m Paul Pogba.

Based on history, Mourinho is just about starting his annual summer shopping spree even if he gets Pogba, because he is like ‘Oliver Twist’ who always wants nothing less than more top players and trophies. In order to achieve his goal, only top teams will ever be able to afford Mourinho’s services because he does not deal with ‘low-ballers’ who cannot match his chronic and very expensive shopaholic attitude that helps him achieve his annual trophy hauls. A review of his past employers will lend credence to this theory as he’s always met strong teams at his previous clubs and Manchester United, but will still go all out on a summer shopping spree.

I’m not saying Mourinho is a gold-digger, but he sure ain’t messing with no “low ballerz”!

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