Ibrahimovic: Time to tear the EPL apart!

Always knew he relished the challenge that the English Premier League  (EPL) offered him.



No surprise his chosen “next destination is Manchester  United”.

Two grand-masters of the game (Ibrahimovic and Mourinho) will get the chance to work together again.

Ibrahimovic, welcome to the EPL and I hope it does not chew you and spit you out like garbage.

The EPL has always been a tough nut to crack for many great soccer players and even coaches…ask Shevchenko, Forlan, Di Maria, Kezman, Veron, Soldado, Ramos, Van Gaal, Scolari e.t.c.!

Congrats to Ibrahimovic for accepting EPL’s long-delayed invite @ 34 years old.

Hope to see you perform your magic when the season starts in August 2016.


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