Quick Global Soccer Review!

As a footballing nation….this country is hopeless I must be frank, especially that they rested two more days than Iceland had before that match. How is it possible to have the best and most competitive professional soccer league in the world, with very competitive sub-leagues and still not know how to play soccer as a national team or even have tacticians that can lead their national team? Politics was behind Hodgson’ appointment 4 years ago and I hope they correct their mistake which has cost them money and pride by appointing Harry Redknapp ASAP. To me, he is still the best British coach alive right now that is fit to help ‘The Three Lions’ win a trophy in this modern times. Hodgson was a quack right from the first day he was appointed and its still surprising how England as a soccer-loving nation, allowed him to fool them for that long.
english defeat
#BREXIT from Euro Cup 2016.       Image credits: Getty Images


The all-conquering Spanish team seems to be aging or have lost the desire to win trophies any longer. It was good to see Italy knock them out of Euro after the embarassment Italy suffered from them a few years ago. Spain would need to start developing a new team because the guys currently representing Spain have won it all at club and international level, so no challenge seems impossible to them any longer. Like Messi retired from international soccer, let the Fabregases, Iniestas, PiquesBusquets e.t.c. within that class all give way to hungry new guys in Morata’s age bracket.
spain defeat.jpg
Spanish exit from Euro Cup 2016.   Image credit: Getty Images
Iceland as a footballing nation is new in the international scene and they have proven twice now that Ice is always slippery and deadly. A team of no known names except for Gylfi Sigurdsson and Eidur Gudjohnsen has really impressed the world and I guess they have drawn their inspiration from Leicester City’s fairy tale success of last season. Its unfortunate that they are facing France in their next duel and if they do knock France out in that encounter…they might be able to reach the final if Germany or Italy has luck running against them. But till then, Iceland deserve accolades for their achievement so far and lets see what magic they have in stock for France. Thumbs up to their keeper (Hannes Halldórsson) who has kept their campaign alive with 23 saves, which is currently the highest in the competition right now.
Proud lads that fear no one.      Image credit: Getty Images
This Gareth Bale-led team has really been in terrific form and they are about to face their toughest test against Belgium who are favorites. Belgium had a slow start and seem to be in full gear now but this Welsh team is not the type you underrate because they have fire burning in them.
Can the Belgians stop the Welsh train?    Image credit: Getty images


Christiano Ronaldo and co have managed to get this far and I guess they might be able to fight their way through to the Semi-final stages. However, lifting the Euro Cup trophy is something I do not think they can achieve because the team is not there yet especially when they might be facing teams like Belgium, France or Germany/ Italy in the semi and final stages of this Euro Cup competition.
Can he carry Portugal to the final?        Image credit: Getty Images



This is a final before the final and its a pity one of them will be returning home very soon. Whoever wins amongst these two teams will deserve it no matter if the match is won by hook or by crook. However, Germany seems like the real deal to lift the Euro Cup!
Batistuta, Maradona, Ayalla, Veron, Ortega, Zanetti, Crespo, Aimar,Saviola, Tevez, Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Mascherano, Higuain are the type of names you would always see in an Argentine line up since the 80s. These names always and still draw fear amongst opponents because they can open defenses and destroy them with goals. Unfortunately, the Argentine national team has always fielded one of the strongest teams at any soccer tourney but always end up crashing out abysmally or being second best asthey have continued to show till recent. What the problem is with this team is beyond comprehension and Messi who has helped Barca reclaim its lost glory in the past few years has not been able to help Argentina in any way unless when he was a member of Argentina’s gold medal olympic team at the 2008 Beijing olympics. The Argentine team might need to get Diego Simeone to coach them very soon before their relevance in international soccer is lost.
I guess the Argentine fans are now used to these scenes.    Image credit: Getty Images
They say thunder does not strike twice at the same place but I guess Chile’s thunder is hungry and it keeps striking at the same spot (Copa America). Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal have done well for their nation. I guess the team’s hunger has kept its soccer dreams alive in the highly competitive South American soccer scene and I am sure we hope to see more of this team as time goes by.Thumbs up to Eduardo Vargas who grabbed the Golden boot award.
This feat is no fluke…hard work pays.    Image credit: Getty Images
Gareth Bale is currently leading with 3 goals. Who will win it?
Has he got his eyes on the Golden boot?      Image credit: Getty Images

6 thoughts on “Quick Global Soccer Review!”

  1. I don’t follow soccer as closely as you do, but I’m caught up in Eurocup 2016! My mate’s a Brit & he agrees with you about England’s team this year – hopeless. Now that we’re down to the final 4 teams,who do you think will take the cup?


    1. Thanks Kelly for your audience.

      Now with Wales, Portugal, Germany and France in the semi-final, I am tipping either Germany or France to lift the cup.

      Both teams have stronger personalities and men who can deliver the goods.

      Whoever wins in the Germany Vs France match will lift the cup and I’m tilting more towards Germany lifting it.

      Let’s see as it unfolds.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I must admit, I was sorry to see Italy lose that last game, especially the way that last goal happened. I’ll be watching with bated breath over the next 2 days!


      2. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Miracles do happen in soccer….who makes the final will make it easier to judge who will win though I still root for Germany based on pedigree

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You were right Kelly….This France team seems like the real deal. Reminds me of the France 98′ squad.
        Who will win now: France VS Portugal?


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