FIFA 23 – Let’s Ball

End of An Era – #FIFA 23.

FIFA is here to bless us with a new balling adventure – are you ready?

Asides from Juventus returning to the fold in FIFA 23, EA Sports also has a strong focus on women’s soccer, while adding more club teams from the English and French leagues.

Fans of the ‘Old Lady of Turin’ can now lay their hands on their great team in the FIFA 23 franchise and ball away to happiness.

PS5 FIFA 23 Trailer. Source: EA Sports

A great ovation for FIFA 23 is the inclusion of women’s club teams in the package and also the inclusion of the first ever women’s league as the “Barclays Women’s Super League” in England and the “Division 1 Arkema” in France will be available to ballerz.

Another great addition will be the inclusion of both World Cup competitions for ballerz. The men’s FIFA World Cup (Qatar 2022) and the FIFA Women’s World Cup (Australia and New Zealand 2023) are great additions that ballerz cannot wait to feel – timely arrival.

It is expected that many new moves and features will be available to ballerz when the game is released on September 30th.

This FIFA 23 franchise will be the last of the FIFA/ EA Sports series as the franchise name will now be known as ‘EA Sports FC’ from the year 2023 till further notice.

HotBallerz TV will be happy to broadcast live and recorded simulated games of the FIFA 23 franchise upon release – please stay tuned


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