Mikel Arteta: Grinding The Process!

A thumbs-up to Mikel Arteta!

He Started From The Bottom. Credit: express.co.uk/sport/football

Especially for the current position of the Arsenal Football Club on the EPL table.

You know, it’s amazing how he’s been able to transform things, from what it was to what it is right now! He’s totally ‘taken charge’ and changed the script.

I’m not singing his praises yet because I’m still not fully convinced, but I give him the credits because he’s been able to shut a lot of we doubters up for a while now…I would say at least for now. Let’s see if he can still shut us up for the long-term as the big bone of contention and what we are still concerned about is if he is really good enough to be Arsenal’s coach for the longterm?

Not Their Day – Leicester City FC First 11 Against Arsenal. Credit: lcfc.com

Yes, he is good status-wise for a club trying to redefine itself but tactical wise, his performance so far is still at jury. And that’s the key topic we’re trying to objectively focus on.

Recent times have been good for the club, good for him and also good for the team. The team’s morale, overall performance and the growing fear Aaron Ramsdale is causing in the hearts of opponent attackers is commendable and we will discuss Ramsdale’s incredible saves in a future article.

As Arsenal fans, we are happy for Arteta, happy for the team and we all have every cause to be happy. We are beginning to become a contention or force to reckon with in the EPL and that’s good because we’re currently on different streaks right now…winning streaks and  clean sheet streaks.

Sweet Victory: Leading From The Back. Credit: bbc.com/sport/football

Even though the team is currently on a winning streak, though not a very convincing winning streak but it’s still a winning streak though the team is not playing their best football, but winning because the coordination is beginning to show and teams are beginning to panic and make more mistakes than they should against the same Arsenal team they would have demolished months ago. And that is what we’re trying to point out …is Arteta performing at his peak if assessed with the current crop of players at his disposal? So far, it seems like he has been able to make the right decisions with his purchases and team-selections and he seems to be bringing his vision for the team to live slowly and consistently.

Maybe it’s a bit of luck or it’s just him showing what he can do and how he plans to become the great manager everyone expects him to be. So let’s all keep watching to see what happens between now and then because by the by the end of the season I pray and I hope he wins a title…no matter the title because a title no matter the pedigree is better than nothing and a confidence-booster especially if he is consistent with the recent results as it would help his morale, inspire confidence in the team and be damn good for the club too.

Emile Smith Goal: celebrates his goal against Leicester City FC Credit: Independent.co.uk

So let’s keep watching as I would refrain from making a judgment right now regarding how the season would end. By January ending, if the recent results are still ongoing, he will surely win a title no matter what the title is.

Two points…..Aaron Ramsdale is forcing opponent attackers to be anxious when on the balls and its good to win on a weekend when your top contenders drop points.

Arsenal Trading Places. Credit: Google.com

Carry on, Arteta, though we still don’t trust the process!


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