Arsenal: Still Trusting The Process?

Always be careful of what you ask for as you might get more than what you bargained.

Arsenal fans thought Wenger was outdated and out of touch with modern football the moment Arsenal started competing actively for ‘top-four’ positions towards the end of Wenger’s long and eventful reign.

Man-City Wasted No Time In Sending Arsenal Further Down The Table

I was a part of those blind supporters who failed to see the fact that Arsenal was no longer an elite team in Europe but just a top team in the EPL as other teams began to plan long-term with lots of strategic capital investments then and till now.

Wenger was replaced by Emery and we bashed at him when he could not assure us of the top-four position we banished Wenger for – not to even mention winning the league. Emery became a scape-goat for we irate fans who did not know where to direct our anger as the man in dark glasses seemed and is still invincible to fans.

Ljungberg did not do much worthy of assessment

The Beginning of The End?

Arteta had been touted as Arsenal’s long-term project and the club’s management have since urged fans to support the rookie coach.

So far, Arteta does not seem like the real deal especially when you consider he currently has the best squad lineup that any Arsenal Manager has had in the past decade. For the first time ever, we have an array of quality players to choose from at any position – unlike Wenger’s era when we were lucky to get a fit and quality player for any position.

At this moment, Arsenal is definitely no longer competing for an European slot and neither competing to be in the top-10 cadre of the EPL table since Arteta started his first full season.

Arsenal’s Real Nightmare

Now, Arsenal is unfortunately competing to win the second-half of the EPL table and only strong-balls know how long Arsenal might remain at that level.

With so many top coaches in the EPL and increased spending amongst the top 13 teams in the EPL, Arsenal is definitely heading towards extinction if the needful is not done at this stage.

I do not see any real baller that will be ready to play for Arsenal even if we meet thier exit clauses and wage demands as we are no longer competing for anything but our survival. Maybe we might start selling our few cashable stars next season to stay afloat.

Moment of Truth – As The Wolves and Leeds Lurk Around For The Tenth Position

Hopefully, I pray Arsenal really goes down deepest depths of the EPL table where it loses its total value. Hopefully, that desired downfall will force the stingy man in dark glasses to sell at a loss so that we can start our journey back to redemption on a clean slate and with a management that wants to win with the fans and not turn the club to an ATM.

Till then, we Arsenal fans can only hope things get better or maybe, worse!

Are you still trusting the ongoing system at Arsenal?

Please drop your thoughts in the comments below.


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